Maurice Lee & Associates Ltd. (MLAL, formerly Maurice Lee Civil & Structural Engineers) was found in 1987, aims to provide comprehensive architectural and engineering services in various field including Buildings, Civil engineering, Industrial Development and Slope Geotechnical Works. We are proud to cooperate with Government Departments, Multinational Corporations and Private Enterprises to complete nearly 1,000 projects in the past 30 years. Our efforts gained renowned reputation in the industry, especially when involving in works with high complexity.


Our practice is fully computerized in drafting, engineering analysis, design and project management. It also implemented a Quality Assurance System which has been certified to ISO9001:2008 by HKAS accredited assessor. MLAL received Site Safety Supervision Scheme Awards from the Buildings Department in June 1999 for a project of high complexity. In this project, MLAL director and staff acted as AP, RSE and Technically Competent Persons in the above project.



We sometimes cooperate with other offices, to complete the design and supervision of various
civil engineering works, office, residential and industrial buildings, water and wastewater
treatment projects, environmental related and petroleum related civil engineering works in Hong
Kong and PR China. Completed representative projects include various buildings, haul bridges,
livestock waste treatment facilities at private farms, municipal scale water treatment works,
various LPG as installations and oil tank installations, ceramic plant in Qing Yuan PR China,
processing plant in Tai Po Industrial Estate.

We also perform investigation and engineering studies. We have completed a Consultancy Study
on building demolitions in Hong Kong and production of a code of practice for such work for the
Buildings Department Hong Kong Government in 1997. This study involves studies at
international cities and code drafting.

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